How do I attend my first training session with B1?
RSVP via meetup for a practice session and sign the online waiver. Then simply come to training 15 min early and talk to the session’s coach at the dock who will introduce you to the team and explain safety and take you through the basics. There are new people who join all the time, don’t worry if it’s partway through the season!

What do I need to bring to training? I don’t own a paddle.
We provide all equipment (paddle and life vest/pfd). You don’t need to bring anything except for water, sunscreen, some sort of sun protection (e.g. sunglasses, hat, etc.), and a readiness to get a great outdoors workout!

What should I wear to training?
Dragon boating is a water sport. Be prepared to get wet. Please wear water wicking/quick dry athletic clothing. We discourage jeans and cotton.

Shoes: Wear flip flops or sandals. Some people paddle bare footed. We don’t recommend wearing normal shoes and socks as they will get soaked.

Is there a place to store personal items during training?
There is a locker on the dock where you can place your belongings during training. However space is limited, therefore please be considerate and don’t bring too much stuff.

How long is the water season?
April to October. The Winter season starts in early November where we join a gym together, the coaches design a winter gym program and personal train you on a monthly basis.

The season is partway through, can I still join?
Yes! You can join the club anytime in the season. Our practice schedule is regularly updated on meetup.

It is raining, is training canceled?
We paddle in all weather conditions – training is only canceled when conditions are dangerous (e.g. lightning). This decision is made by the head coaches and will be announced via email, facebook, twitter, & meetup prior to training.

How much of a time commitment is dragon boating?
We encourage paddlers to attend as many training sessions as possible (especially leading up to a race), but we understand you have busy lives. Your commitment level will depend on your desired level of competitiveness.

What can I expect from a race event?
A race event involves traveling to the race site early in the morning. During the day, the team participates in several races called heats, which places the boat in a division based on time or position. Before each race, we go through a team warm up, pep-talk, line up paddlers in boat order and then race to WIN! The day ends with an exciting final race followed by and a post-race celebration team dinner. Some dragon boat festivals last a weekend and involve staying locally overnight. Race events are super fun and are a great opportunity to get to know your teammates on a dragon boat road trip adventure. Most importantly, we’re proud to represent Boston 1!

Help! Where are you?
GPS: Atlantic Wharf 290 Congress St, Boston MA. We meet at the grassy patch in front of Smith & Wollensky. The closest MBTA stop is South Station on the Red Line.

Where can I park?
Channelside Parking at 284 A Street. Enter at 29-41 Necco Street, off Melcher StreeT