B1 on the International Stage: CCWC 2018

This year was a historic one, as it marked B1’s first competition at an elite international caliber. 18 paddlers set out for the Club Crew World Championships in Hungary, just enough to fill two small-boat crews. After a weekend of sightseeing in Budapest, they headed to Szeged for six action-packed days of racing at the Olympic Basin. Pitted against top teams from 30+ countries, they had to draw upon every ounce of training, discipline, and mental fortitude that had been drilled into them for months. A highlight of the competition was the mixed crew making it into the minor final for the 200s and finishing 7th out of 13 teams overall.

We did not come home with any medals, but what we did come home with was inspiration to take our training to the next level for the rest of the season and into the off-season, so we can be ready to qualify again for CCWC 2020 in France. Having the opportunity to race at the world championships this year was just the beginning. The leadership’s vision is to continue to elevate this team’s performance, so B1 can continue to represent Boston at the elite level. Thanks to our paddlers past and present, and friends and family who helped us get to this point, which was above and beyond what many of us thought was possible!

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