B1 Hungary-bound for Club Crew World Championships

In September of this year, Boston 1 raced in the ERDBA qualifiers in Mercer County, New Jersey against teams from all over the country. They all had one goal: perform well enough to win a full-sized or small boat berth in the 2018 Club Crew Championships, held in July in Szeged, Hungary. Competition was stiff but B1 fought hard, held their own, and even though we did not win a berth outright, we decided to put in a bid in case one of the winning teams gave theirs up. We had done well enough that we were close to the top of the list and in the end were rewarded with some amazing news…

We won a small boat berth! This means that in July, we will be sending 14 of our strongest most dedicated paddlers to compete on the international stage against club teams from all over the world. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to get us to this point! Our excitement is through the roof but we know that the hard work is just beginning. Best of luck to everyone vying for a spot on this small crew!


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